Complex Marital Estates

As Fayetteville high-asset divorce lawyers with experience helping wealthy couples dissolve their marriages, the attorneys at Hogue Law Firm PLLC excel at getting clients the financial distribution of marital property they deserve. Because both Brian and David Hogue are litigation attorneys, we advocate for our family law clients in petitions and negotiations.

Why Should I Contact A Divorce Lawyer?

Many divorcing individuals are concerned about the cost of retaining a divorce attorney. But there is a serious chance that an unrepresented spouse will lose substantial financial assets. In order to protect your finances, including your retirement savings and pensions, you need an attorney who is familiar with Arkansas family law. We know how to divide retirement accounts, pensions and family-owned businesses.

We have guided residents throughout Northwest Arkansas through the divorce process. The financial aspects of divorce, including property, savings accounts and alimony are complicated. In order to ensure that you and your family are financially sound in the long run, an excellent family law attorney, who can evaluate all of your options, is essential.

Our firm’s attorneys will assist divorcing clients in protecting:

  • Retirement accounts
  • Pensions
  • Family-owned businesses
  • Cars
  • Second homes
  • Timeshares

In addition to any other financial interests of the divorcing spouse. In high-asset divorces, we have successfully ensured that our client’s present and future financial interests are protected. The financial consequences of a divorce are many and they are varied. Let us prepare you for all of them.

Contact Hogue Law Firm PLLC to discuss how Brian and David Hogue can assert your rights over the marital property. Our family law attorneys are eager to assist you. Call 479-444-6311 or contact us.