Fayetteville Child Custody Attorneys

Unless a couple has a legally binding premarital document that outlines future child custody and child support arrangements, a divorce requires resolving child support and child custody matters. Attorneys, Brian Hogue and David Hogue are experienced at navigating the Arkansas family courts to ensure favorable outcomes on behalf of clients. Since joining forces in 2011, our focus has been to provide Fayetteville residents with excellent family law guidance.

Collaborative Divorce Mediations

Since the Arkansas courts rarely provide custody divisions that satisfy both parties, we urge our clients to engage in collaborative divorce mediations. In these mediations, we represent our divorcing client and negotiate with the other spouse’s attorney to find a child custody and child support arrangement that works for the whole family.

It is important that the interests of the children remain at the center of all of the discussions so that the two sides can come to an agreement. However, sometimes, seeking sole physical or legal custody is important to a client. In these circumstances, we gladly take our client’s concerns and petition the family law courts for a favorable custody rights outcome.

Whether your divorce is an amicable one or a contentious one, we use our varied legal strategies, experiences and strengths to represent your interests and assert your rights in multiple forums. At the end of the day, it is our client’s right to identify the best way to move forward with custody and support issues. And as lawyers, it is our duty to advise clients about potential legal obstacles and pitfalls. By placing our clients’ concerns at the heart of our firm’s objectives, our firm has been able to help clients arrive at satisfactory outcomes.

When you need help with child custody, turn to a family law attorney at the Hogue Law Firm PLLC. We offer free case evaluations so you can get to know us before retaining our services. Call 479-444-6311 or contact us here.