DWI/DUI Defense

Being charged with a DWI/DUI is a serious offense with a significant consequences. A DUI/DWI conviction is even worse. The penalties include the loss of your license, fines, jail time and ignition interlock devices.

At Hogue Law Firm PLLC, we have been representing clients throughout Washington County and the surrounding areas who have been charged with everything from a drunk driving incident for a first-time DWI up to drunk driving incidents that involve felony DWIs.

You license, your job and your future are all at risk. We know precisely what is at stake, and with David Hogue’s background in prosecution, we know what you are up against. We can create and tailor a DUI defense specifically to the circumstances in your case. Let our criminal law knowledge work for you.

DWI/DUI Defense Strategies

Because the consequences of a DUI are so severe, our firm will challenge every angle of the charges against you. We will question and challenge the traffic stop, the Breathalyzer results, the field sobriety test, and even the experience of the police officer. Our goal is to find ways to reduce the charges or have them dismissed.

Underage Drinking At The University Of Arkansas

With a significant student population in Fayetteville, our firm routinely represents students arrested for underage drinking. One of the consequences of being arrested and charged with an underage DUI/DWI is that our clients will face charges in the Arkansas courts in addition to administrative disciplinary hearings at school — a poor outcome in either venue may affect the entire trajectory of the student’s life. Our lawyers will work to ensure that the student’s education is not compromised because of the criminal charge.

Parents of students charged with underage drinking need to understand that an attorney can and should be present at all school disciplinary hearings. With our experience in both the courtroom and academic settings, we can leverage our trial and mediation skills to minimize the consequences of the DUI/DWI arrest and the disciplinary hearing.

DUI/DWI Charges Are Serious Whether You Are An Adult Or Underage

Contact our office immediately after your arrest so that you can preserve the full range of legal rights. Call 479-444-6311 or contact us online. We will evaluate your case for free.