There are several mistakes divorcing parents should avoid making during child custody proceedings to ensure they are able to win custody.

When parents in Arkansas decide to end their marriage, either joint custody or sole custody may be awarded. According to the American Bar Association, in sole custody arrangements, one parent takes care of his or her children the majority of the time and makes major decisions about them. Comparatively, in joint custody arrangements both parents are given decision-making authority and share the time they have with their children. To ensure the interests of the children are protected and parents are able to maintain the relationships they have with their children, there are several common mistakes parents should avoid making during custody proceedings.

Demonstrating a lack of emotional control

According to The Huffington Post, parents who desire to win sole or joint custody of their children should consistently act with self-control and good judgment. Parents who are unable to control their emotions in front of social workers, their children’s teachers, their neighbors or anyone else who is involved in their children’s lives may be at a disadvantage during child custody proceedings.

Maintaining a negative relationship with the other parent

The court often favors the desires of parents who demonstrate that they want to support the relationship their children have with their ex-spouse, states The Huffington Post. Although it may be difficult, divorcing parents should avoid negatively influencing their children’s relationships with their former spouse and constantly criticizing him or her.

Failing to be involved in parenting activities

Parents who take care of their children the majority of the time are often in an advantageous position during child custody proceedings. According to The Huffington Post, parents who desire to win sole or joint custody of their children should strive to play a large role in their children’s lives by helping them with their homework, taking them to school, reading to them and participating in other parenting activities.

Allowing for the collection of harmful evidence

Technology is often used in child custody trials to portray one parent in a negative light. Parents who are involved in a child custody battle should keep in mind that they could risk losing custody of their children if they are prone to yelling at their former spouse, sending negative emails or text messages or mistreating their children in any way.

Child custody proceedings are often the most stressful and emotionally trying aspect of the divorce process in Arkansas. If you and your spouse are getting divorced and you want to avoid making errors that could harm your ability to acquire custody of your children, consult with an attorney who can provide you with legal guidance at this time.

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