The Rise Of Meth Trafficking

The spread of methamphetamines across the southern states and in Arkansas has been widely documented in the news and in research. The National Drug Intelligence Center reports that the easy availability of methamphetamine has led to increased arrests and monitoring of the methamphetamine drug trade.

As part of our commitment to protecting the Constitution and asserting the rights of all defendants to have a fair trial, we pay close attention to the ways in which law enforcement officials pursue, arrest and charge residents in and around Fayetteville, Arkansas. When it comes to methamphetamine drug violations, many individuals arrested don’t understand that they have rights.

Just because you have been arrested doesn’t mean that the Constitution doesn’t apply to you anymore. It is important that law enforcement officials observe the law. When they fail to use probable cause or forget to Mirandize our clients, we vigorously defend our clients against improper convictions.

Possession | Trafficking | Distributing

Whether you are a first-time offender or a repeat offender, participating in the manufacturing, trafficking or distribution of methamphetamines can lead to long prison sentences. Depending on the amount of methamphetamines an individual is caught with, he or she may face up to 40 years in prison. The Hogue Law Firm PLLC has significant experience in many areas of criminal law. Let our lawyers put their experience to work for you.

Pleading guilty or relying on a public defender is not a good idea when decades of your life are at stake. Our criminal defense attorneys will relentlessly pursue every potential angle. For instance, in a methamphetamines cases, we will challenge the arrest, the search, the seizure, the warrants and even any statements.

Our job is to comprehensively challenge all of the factors that compromise our clients. We build our cases with a commitment to minimizing the negative outcomes you could potentially experience. Every American is entitled to a legal defense. Let us help you launch yours.

Meth Charges Are Serious — Get Help From A Hogue Law Firm PLLC Attorney

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