Skilled Family Law Attorneys

Part of a thorough family law practice is understanding when additional experts are necessary. At our Fayetteville, Arkansas, law firm, we leverage our relationships with financial advisers, CPAs and business evaluators to determine the exact value of marital assets. We investigate all of our client’s financial and marital history to build the best possible case to present to the family law judges.

In especially difficult divorces, additional investigative research is required to ensure that both parties have revealed and accounted for all of their assets. Before a division of marital property can be considered fair or just, it must be clear how much the divorcing spouses have and what the value of their joint assets are. In representing clients who are involved in complicated high-asset divorces, we consult with the necessary financial experts to ensure that we protect their finances.

Elder Divorce

Gray divorce or senior divorce is an emerging trend. As humans continue to live longer, we are seeing an increase in late life divorces across the nation. More and more long-term couples are filing for divorce. When couples who have spent the majority of their adult lives with one another file for divorce, it takes a nuanced legal strategy to carefully disentangle the joint lives and assets of the involved parties.

In fact, it is especially vital to retain an attorney when your primary working years are behind you because the division of marital property is bound to include the division of retirement and savings accounts, which you will not have the opportunity to rebuild.

Having the right lawyer protecting your financial interests is crucial when you are nearing retirement. Having the right attorney could mean the difference between enjoying your retirement and being forced to look for work during retirement.

Brian Hogue and David Hogue are prepared to assist you in all matters concerning divorce and family law issues. To discuss the specifics of your case, call the firm at 479-444-6311 or send an email through our online form.